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Banks Lebanon Secrets

Banks Lebanon: Secrets That Banks Don’t Tell You About.


Banks Lebanon: Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

There is a financial product available in Lebanon banks that turns conventional thinking about savings and borrowing on its head. This new product allows consumers to reduce their home debt more quickly and easily than ever before. It’s modeled in banks Lebanon after popular loans in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, where the loans have allowed consumers to reduce their home debt more quickly and pay off their loans years faster. Consumers have gravitated to this product because it requires little or no change in the way they manage their money. At the same time, it eliminates the traditional barriers and hassles to accessing the equity they have in their home.


Traditionally, true asset and liability management has been a banking product offered only to consumers who had a significant net worth. To most consumers in lebanon, a loan from banks in lebanon is a loan and savings or investments are separate transactions with no relationship to one another. However, most financial planners in lebanese banks will tell you just the opposite.


Get The Lowest Payment From Banks Lebanon

Over the last 20 years, banks in Lebanon came up with a variety of new mortgage products with one theme in common: reduce the amount of principal you pay while increasing the total amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.

The focus was to provide their clients with the absolute lowest payment, ignoring debt reduction or ownership. The recent meltdown in the mortgage market showed us the flaw with these types of banks loans. Many homeowners walked away from their homes or were forced into foreclosure after years of watching their loan balance increase as they continued to make payments. Many consumers believed home values would always go up so little thought was given to paying down the principal mortgage balance. We now know that home values don’t always go up and paying down your debt is crucial to building equity and having a secure financial future


Banks Lebanon: Help Homeowners not Banks

Many homeowners want to send extra money in and pay off their loan early. Instead, they have to limit themselves because they know they can’t get that money back once they send it to the mortgage company. As they increase their equity through extra payments and appreciation, their only chance to access that money is through a new mortgage (paying the fees associated) or selling their property. This issue is one of the reasons more home owners don’t pay down their mortgage even when they have the cash available. Instead, the extra cash usually sits in a savings or checking account, earning next to nothing until it is spent (helping banks lebanon, not the homeowner).


The Better Way In Lebanon Banks 


There is a loan that puts your money to work for you and not the banks in lebanon. It is a loan designed to empower the homeowner and put the focus back on owning a home and not just making payments.

Banks Lebanon

Banks Lebanon & Lebanese Financial Sectors

Starting with the independence of Lebanon in 1943 and continuing with the establishment of the Banque du Liban in 1964, the banking system and banks Lebanon prospered. The pronounced difference between foreign and domestic Lebanese banks had been relatively reduced as the former no longer greatly monopolized the foreign financing of Lebanon, contributed to its domestic financing, and began competing for local deposits. In fact, the Lebanese banking system witnessed the entry of 13 foreign banks — Arab Bank Ltd. (Jordan) in Lebanon, British Bank of the Middle East (Great Britain) in Lebanon, Rafidain Bank (Iraq) in Lebanon, Saudi National Commercial Bank (Saudi Arabia) in Lebanon, Algemene Bank Nederland (Netherlands) in Lebanon, Chase Manhattan (USA) in Lebanon, The First National City Bank (USA) in Lebanon, The Eastern Bank Ltd (Great Britain) in Lebanon, Jordan National Bank (Jordan) in Lebanon, Societe Tunisienne de Banque (Tunisia) in Lebanon, Moscow Narodny Bank Ltd. (Great Britain) in Lebanon, The Bank of America (USA) in Lebanon, Habib Bank Overseas Ltd. (Pakistan) in Lebanon– and more than 40 Lebanese banks of which the Eastern Commercial Bank (currently known as the Banque de la Mediterrannee) in Lebanon, Banque Libanaise pour le Commerce in Lebanon, Banque Sabbagh in Lebanon, Banque G. Trade (currently known as Credit Lyonnais) in Lebanon, Banque du Liban et D’Outre Mer in Lebanon, Intra Bank in Lebanon, Federal Bank of Lebanon, Banque Belgo-Libanaise (currently known as Societe General Libano-Europeene de Banques) in Lebanon, Banque Saradar in Lebanon, Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries in Lebanon, Banque Joseph Lati et fils in Lebanon, Beirut Ryad Bank in Lebanon, Banque Pharaon et Chiha in Lebanon, Mebco Bank in Lebanon, Byblos Bank in Lebanon, Credit Libanais in Lebanon, Banque Beyrouth pour Le Commerce in Lebanon, Banque Audi in Lebanon, Bank of Kuwait and the Arab World in Lebanon, Banque Geagea in Lebanon, Banque du Credit populaire in Lebanon, Adcom Bank in Lebanon, Rif Bank in Lebanon, and Beirut Universal Bank in Lebanon.


Prior to that year, the Lebanese banking and banks Lebanon system was characterized by the absence of specific banking regulations and supervision. Banks merely abided by the Code of Commerce which regulated commercial business, with the exception of the Bank Secrecy Law enacted in 1956. Regulations, supervision, and control were only introduced with the enactment of the Code of Money and Credit and the establishment of BDL which was granted regulatory and supervisory authority over the banking system as part of its function to safeguard its soundness. Sourced From “BDL”.





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